rainbow bridge

Rainbow Bridge Bracelets

Rainbow Bridge Bracelets

Rainbow Bridge Bracelet

Pets leave hole on our heart when they pass on. Remember the joyful memories of your life with your pet and know that they will be waiting for you upon your departure from this world.

I made a few of these for friends to help them find comfort in their time of loss. They found comfort in wearing these and I hope you or a loved one will too. These make very thoughtful gifts for friends and family morning the loss of their beloved furry companion.

The 6 glass rainbow beads represent the rainbow bridge where your pet is waiting for in the afterlife.
Black lava beads represent your journey together with your companion spent on this earth with you. The paw print and heart charm represents the piece of your heart they took with them when they left this world.

10% of the purchase price of these bracelets will go to local animal shelters.

If you need help coping with the loss of your pet, please contact the ASPCA Grief Counseling HotLine at 877-GRIEF-10 (877-474-3310) or check www.petlosshelp.org for other resources.

Available in Gold or Silver
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Rainbow Bridge Bracelet Gold


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