Someone asked me the other day about what I have made for people for gifts.  I usually don’t post photos of them to this website and Facebook until they have been received by the one being gifted and I sometimes forget to photograph all the gifts I make for people!

Here are a few designs that I made for gifts.  Please note that I may not be able to replicate the designs, because I may not have the materials to do so.  Please keep in mind that I do take commissions for custom pieces!

The images are small but you can click on them to see a larger image.

A set of seven earrings for a special girl who just turned seven and got her ears pierced. Just something to get her collection started!
Charlile's 7th


Earrings Made for a family member:
Gift for Cheryl

Earrings Made for a friend:
Laura Peacock

Bracelet Made for Mother in Law

Made for Jean W 2017

Bracelet and Earrings made for a friends birthday


Birthstone Mom Tree of Life Chainmail Bracelets
These have the birthstones of the mother and her children.

Birthstone Family Tree

birthstone family tree LH



Made these two for a friend who liked earth tones, but wanted to play with color.




I think that’s all I have the photos for at the moment.  I will try to be better about taking photos of gifts I make!
Until next time,
Be shiny!

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Sandburg Fall Craft Show

Sandburg Fall Craft Show

I had a blast at my fist craft show selling my pieces to people who really seemed to appreciate their unique qualities. Thanks to everyone who came out to see me this weekend at the Sandburg Fall Craft Show.  Much thanks to the organizers of the show.

I really enjoyed walking around and seeing the beautiful work of the other extremely talented crafters and it was such a fun time talking and getting to know our crafty neighbors! We will be back next year!

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