Gift for Cheryl


Someone asked me the other day about what I have made for people for gifts.  I usually don’t post photos of them to this website and Facebook until they have been received by the one being gifted and I sometimes forget to photograph all the gifts I make for people!

Here are a few designs that I made for gifts.  Please note that I may not be able to replicate the designs, because I may not have the materials to do so.  Please keep in mind that I do take commissions for custom pieces!

The images are small but you can click on them to see a larger image.

A set of seven earrings for a special girl who just turned seven and got her ears pierced. Just something to get her collection started!
Charlile's 7th


Earrings Made for a family member:
Gift for Cheryl

Earrings Made for a friend:
Laura Peacock

Bracelet Made for Mother in Law

Made for Jean W 2017

Bracelet and Earrings made for a friends birthday


Birthstone Mom Tree of Life Chainmail Bracelets
These have the birthstones of the mother and her children.

Birthstone Family Tree

birthstone family tree LH



Made these two for a friend who liked earth tones, but wanted to play with color.




I think that’s all I have the photos for at the moment.  I will try to be better about taking photos of gifts I make!
Until next time,
Be shiny!