Hi!  My name is Jenn Wasacz, and I am WIREDcatz Design. I practice the arts of wires, beads, electronics, and web design. Powered by nature, supportive friends and family, and the occasional Chicago Hot Dog, Cheeseburger, or bowl of mac and cheese. I live in the city of my birth, Chicago, Illinois. Low voltage electrician, web developer, and graphic designer by trade, jewelry designer by choice. I find making jewelry relaxing, and as a side benefit, it brings smiles and happiness to people, or gives them comfort! That’s the real reward for me!

I have worked 9-5 desk jobs, retail, customer service, and have been fortunate to work from home for the past few years.

I dabble in a lot of creative and crafty endeavors, but am master of not one of them, and am always learning. The journey of life has delivered a lot of positive and negative. I try to take the negative and turn it positive! I find inspiration from nature, pop culture, causes, political environment, and just about anywhere you can think of.

Although most of my pieces are designed with familiar color schemes and themes, they are unique to me.