COMMISSIONS will be opening soon!

I do take commissions for any occasion, from weddings to cosplay! However, here are a few things to know before you submit a commission to me:

  • I will not infringe upon any copyright or registered trademarks.
  • After you submit your commission, I will contact you to discuss it further. Please let me know the best way to contact you about it, via email, messenger, text, phone, etc. I do prefer email, text, or messenger because we may have to exchange photos at some point just to verify things like color and size and those mediums allow that to be easily communicated.
  • Once all is decided and we agree on the design of the piece, I order the materials, and once I get them, I will let you know. It will take 5-7 days to complete your project once materials are received. Once materials have been ordered and your piece is crafted, I will send you a photo of the completed piece. Once you confirm that you like the completed piece, I will send you an Invoice via Paypal. Your piece will be shipped after payment is received, usually same or the next day depending on timing.
  • I do payment via Paypal invoice. I will need your PayPal email address. I’ll send you an invoice (just need your email) and you can pay it. Easy as pie. It will detail the pieces and amounts plus any shipping charges.
  • I won’t send the piece until it’s fully paid for. It’s just how I do business.
  • Make sure you your measurements are 100% correct. I’ll have to charge a $5-$10 redesigning fee if I have to edit the size if it is different that what you told me. I make every effort to make pieces to exact measurements, but sometimes I can be off 1/8 of an inch due to inconsistencies in the materials used. I usually use make the piece short and use extender chains just to be safe. Again, though, if you lose weight or something like that, I will do that for free.
  • Also, if you ever need the pieces fixed, i’ll do that no charge, you just pay shipping to/from.  My pieces have a lifetime guarantee, less any signs of abuse or misuse. Like, don’t try to tow a truck with this piece or use it as a bungee cord or climbing device. Due to the nature of these unique and custom pieces, it may not always be possible to exactly replace all of the components. Occasionally I can replace all components for piece for, but not all the time. Repairs on items are sometimes difficult, as the pieces I make are unique and one of a kind. However it never hurts to ask me, there may be a chance I have spare stuff around.
  • You agree that you will NOT replicate or sell my designs and pieces as your own.
  • I make every effort to package the pieces so they won’t get damaged in transit, however, I am not responsible for any damages that may happen during shipment. I am not responsible for lost mail, or lost or stolen pieces.
    Shipping has become expensive in the past few years, and while I try to keep the cost low, I still have to pay for it to get your item to you!  I will ship via USPS Priority mail by default due to the packaging, security and tracking.  The base price of shipping is $11.00 per order. Note that USPS Priority Mail is not a guaranteed service, and I can only give you the expected delivery date that USPS gives me. You will receive full tracking and I will insure the package for it’s full value. I will ship UPS or FedEx but I don’t know offhand what those shipping charges will be until I get a quote from the carrier.  

    Please understand that I am NOT responsible for lost or misdirected packages.  I will do my best to contact the carrier to resolve the situation, but in the past the person I am shipping to had been responsible for containing the carrier (USPS, UPS, FedEx, etc) about their lost package.  

With that being said, please fill out as much detail as you can in the form.  Thank you!